9th Einstein Telescope Symposium: 'Birth of the ET collaboration'

chaired by Michele Punturo, Harald Lueck
from to (Europe/Rome)
at European Gravitational Observatory (EGO) ( Auditorium )
Via E. Amaldi 56021 S. Stefano a Macerata - Cascina (PI) Italy
The 9th ET Symposium is hosted by European Gravitational Observatory, Cascina (Italy). The focus of the meeting is the creation of the ET collaboration, the definition of the strategy for the submission of the ET proposal to the 2020 update of the ESFRI roadmap. We will discuss the future of the GW astronomy and astrophysics.
International committee: J. van den Brand, S. Hild, S. Katsanevas, H. Lueck, M. Punturo, S. Rowan
Local organising committee: M. Punturo, E. Morucci
Support erika.morucci@ego-gw.it
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