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Radar Clutter Modeling and Analysis

Presented by Dr. Maria Sabrina GRECO on 16 Oct 2012 from 11:45 to 12:45
Track: radar clutter


The first part of the talk focuses on the statistical analysis and modeling of radar clutter echoes. This is a central issue for the design and performance evaluation of radar systems. Main goal of this talk is to describe the state-of-the-art approaches to the modeling and understanding of land and sea clutter echoes and their implications on performance prediction and signal processors design. The talk will first introduce radar sea and ground clutter phenomena, measurements and measurement limitations, at high and low resolution, high and low grazing angles with some references to classical model for Radar Cross Section prediction. Then the main part of the talk will be dedicated to modern statistical and spectral models for high resolution sea and ground clutter and, particularly, to the methods of experimental validation using recorded data sets. A plethora of experimental results will be shown and commented.


Location: EGO, Cascina
Address: The European Gravitational Observatory (http://www.ego-gw.it), site of the Virgo interferometer, is located in the countryside of the Comune of Cascina, a few kilometres from town of Pisa.
Room: Auditorium