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Understanding (and Taming) Glitches: Threads in a Tapestry

Presented by Innocenzo PINTO on 17 Oct 2012 from 09:00 to 11:00
Track: Gltiches identification


Retrieving glitch constituents. The Hilbert-Huang transform; Prony (robustified) decomposition Glitch taxonomy and entomology: correlation graphs, clustering and classification TF representations: Q and Wigner-Ville transform Getting rid of intermodulation artifacts Retrieving TF skeletons. Sparse representations in time-domain Compressed coding and adaptive dictionary learning. Non ideal features of the residual noise floor: Gaussianity tests; SIRP model. Glitch noise statistics, via Middleton model Locally Optimum Detector (LOD) and its robust implementation Numerical experiments on real data.


Location: EGO, Cascina
Address: The European Gravitational Observatory (http://www.ego-gw.it), site of the Virgo interferometer, is located in the countryside of the Comune of Cascina, a few kilometres from town of Pisa.
Room: Auditorium