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Many-core computing in experimental gravitational wave physics.

Presented by Gergeley DEBRECZENI on 17 Oct 2012 from 11:15 to 13:00
Track: GPU


With the advance of cheaply available many-core architectures (such as GPU-s) on the computing market scientific computing entered into a new era. There are plenty of mathematical algorithms and data analysis methods which can be easily, massively parallelized and implemented on these architectures resulting a dramatic increase of speed (several order of magnitude) and - at the same time - decrease of computational costs! The presenataion will give a brief overview of currently available hardwares and programing techniques with their application focused on experimental gravitational wave physics.In the last third of the lecture an introductory hands-on tutorial will be given to the audiance. Bring your laptop with you, if possible.


Location: EGO, Cascina
Address: The European Gravitational Observatory (http://www.ego-gw.it), site of the Virgo interferometer, is located in the countryside of the Comune of Cascina, a few kilometres from town of Pisa.
Room: Auditorium