9-10 February 2015
Delegation of the European Union to Japan
Japan timezone
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Registration opening day: 15 December 2014
Registration deadline: 31 January 2015
Max No. of registrants: 40

The registration was mandatory and it was open to all the ELiTES, KAGRA, ET, Virgo collaborators. The session of the 9th of February was hosted by the Delegation of the European Union to Japan. The second day was the Yayoi Auditorium in Hongo Campus, at the University of Tokyo.

The participants have to book directly their hotel; a list of hotels close to the EU delegation is available here.
It is convenient and less expensive to stay in Kashiwa campus lodge for participants who consider to visit laboratories of ICRR before or after the meeting and don’t care morning rush hours in Tokyo (1 hour train trip away from the conference sites). Other hotels, near ICRR (and far from the meeting sites) are here.