Virgo Computing School

from to (Europe/Rome)
at Virgo site ( Seminar Room )
Via Amaldi, 56021 Santo Stefano di Macerata, Cascina (Pisa), Italy

This school is organised in the framework of the EOSC-hub H2020 project.

It will offer the opportunity to:

  • Receive an overview about the basic concepts to use a grid production infrastructure from an user’s perspective.
  • Learn how to use the DIRAC Workload and Data Management system to handle user payloads running on any EGI grid- and cloud-based resource, as well as on other computing resources (such as institutional clusters).
  • Get an overview on the high-level solution developed by INFN to facilitate the process of provisioning, creating, managing and accessing pool of heterogeneous computing resources (DODAS – Dynamic On Demand Analysis Service).
  • Receive an overview about the main Virgo Computing Centers

The target audience for this school is Virgo members, both students, and young and senior researchers interested to improve their skills on job submission and data management tools and high-level solutions for supporting the Virgo experiment. Hands-on sessions will follow each theoretical talk, allowing to practice what has been presented.

The school will be hosted at Virgo site and participation is limited to 25 attendees.

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