2-3 February 2016
Europe/Rome timezone
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Large band low frequency sensors based on Watt’s linkage for future generations of interferometric detectors of gravitational waves

Presented by Prof. Fabrizio BARONE on 2 Feb 2016 from 17:40 to 18:30
Type: Poster
Session: Poster session
Track: Technologies


A Folded Pendulum is a very effective mechanical system for the implementation of uniaxial (horizontal and/or vertical) and triaxial seismometers and accelerometers for ground, space and underwater applications, including ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic ones. The Folded Pendulum innovative architecture developed by the University of Salerno, based on the classic Watt-linkage mechanical configuration, allows the design and implementation of very large band sensors (10−7 Hz – 100 Hz), characterized by very high quality factors (Q > 2500 in air, Q > 15000 in medium vacuum) and sensitivities that, for the most common applications, do not depend on the mechanics, but only on the readout techniques (< 10-12 m/sqrt(Hz) with typical Virgo LVDT readout). These unique features, coupled with other very relevant characteristics, like full scalability, high compactness (< 10 cm), lightness (< 300 g), high directivity (> 10000), tuneability (typical mechanical resonance frequencies are in the band 70 mHz – 10 Hz), very high immunity to environmental noises make this class of sensors suitable both as seismic and newtonian noise sensors and as control sensors for mechanical suspensions for future generation of interferometric detection of Gravitational Waves. Two different versions of Folded Pendulums, configured both as seismometers (without force feedback) and as accelerometers (with force feed-back), integrated with a standard Virgo LVDT readout and the new electronics control boards developed by the Pisa group for Advanced Virgo, are presented here together with the main relevant characteristics and parameters as resulting from tests performed in the Applied Physics Laboratory of the University of Salerno and in the Electronics Laboratory at Virgo (Cascina) EGO. Keywords: Seismometer, Accelerometer, Folded Pendulum, Monolithic Sensor, digital control, data acquisition.


Location: Florence
Address: Villa Finaly, Chancellerie des Universités de Paris Italy, Via Bolognese, 134 R, 50139 Firenze.

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