2-3 February 2016
Europe/Rome timezone
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Amorphous silicon for highly-reflective mirror coatings

Presented by Mrs. Jessica STEINLECHNER on 2 Feb 2016 from 17:40 to 18:30
Type: Poster
Session: Poster session
Track: Technologies


To match requirements of ET and possible cryogenic upgrades to aLIGO, thermal noise in highly-reflective mirror coatings has to be significanlty reduced. Due to a high refractive index and low mechanical loss at cryogenic temperatures, amorphous silicon (aSi) is a very promising material. The absorption of highly-reflective aSi/SiO2 coatings at 1550nm has been shown to be about 1000ppm and therefore far too high for application in gravitational wave detectors. This work presents investigations of the effect of heat treatment, cooling and different deposition methods on the absorption of aSi coatings, promising absorption results at 2um compared to 1550nm, and investigates the optimisation of the coating design to make use of aSi in mirror coatings for future detectors possible.


Location: Florence
Address: Villa Finaly, Chancellerie des Universités de Paris Italy, Via Bolognese, 134 R, 50139 Firenze.

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