2-3 February 2016
Europe/Rome timezone
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Results of Russian groups as the ET-ASPERA research

Presented by Prof. Valentin RUDENKO on 2 Feb 2016 from 17:40 to 18:30
Type: Poster
Session: Poster session
Track: Technologies


The Russian Consortium formed by groups of three Institution SAI MSU,PD MSU and INR RAS has carried out a research in the frame of ET-R&D program,sec.W1-W3.The following results have been achieved Some universal algorithm of a “search for coincidence” gravitational signals with neutrino events in the 100 second window was developed with statistical estimation of the “right detection”probability (W1). The spectrum density and correlation properties of seismic perturbations in the Baksan Neutrino Observatory were measured during a quiet period of time. The “newtonian gravity-gradient noise was calculated according to the experimental data of seismic spectrum density along the main tunnel of the BNO RAS (W2). Mirrors at the CaF2 substrate formed a solid body FP cavity were tested at low temperature. Evolution of the integral optical characteristics such as finesse and contrast was monitored in the presence of optical pump 10 – 400 mW at the temperature interval 300-5 K. Observable variations did not exceed 20% (W3) A new technology for manufacturing of silicon micro resonators with the whispering gallery mode was developed. Numerical models of micro resonator coupling with other optical elements were elaborated using the software package Comsol Mutiphysics (W3). A mechanism for suppression of parametrical instability in a new generation of gravitational detectors was proposed through the selection of optimal curvature of mirrors and using resonators with sparse spectrum components. The effect of optical rigidity was recommended for enhancing sensitivity behind the standard quantum limit (W4).


Location: Florence
Address: Villa Finaly, Chancellerie des Universités de Paris Italy, Via Bolognese, 134 R, 50139 Firenze.

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